Ladies Introduction To Handguns

The Beginning of the Journey Toward Safety and Confidence:

This Ladies Only introduction to handguns is for anyone wanting to be safe and confident with the operation of a handgun. It will prioritize the 4 rules of safety, assure you have a foundation in how to operate your handgun, and develop your marksmanship. This introductory class is for the woman who is passionate about the safety and defense of herself and her loved ones. It's for the woman that may never have shot a firearm or wants to learn the most efficient and safe way to operate her weapon. You will leave the class with a solid base in safety, know how your handgun operates, and be able to hit your target. You will load, unload, and reload your weapon. Our instructors are very well versed in showing you everything you need to know, personalized to your gun and your specific needs.

After our short presentation at our Alaska Tactical training room, we will spend the balance of the day on the range. We'll begin with a dryfire (no ammunition in gun) sequence that will familiarize you with your handgun. You'll practice and know what each button and lever does, how to run the slide, and how to press check. We will show you the best stances and grips, then show you how to align your sights and press the trigger. When you know how it all works, we'll start shooting live rounds and assure that your marksmanship is good. No stress if it's not perfect at first, we know how to fix it for you. You'll have plenty of quality trigger time to practice your newly acquired skill. Takeaways from this course are: 

  • - Know the 4 safety rules
  • - Know and understand how your handgun operates
  • - Safely be able to manipulate your weapon system
  • - Understand the trigger pull and reset
  • - Have a strong shooting stance and grip
  • - Know your dominant eye and how to use it with your weapon
  • - Understand sight alignment and front sight focus

The 8 hour class will start at Alaska Tactical at 0800 for a presentation, then proceed to the range for the balance of the day.


No previous shooting experince is necessary. Along with your application, please provide either a valid Alaska Concealed Carry Permit, current military or law enforcement identification, or obtain a State of Alaska background check prior to participate in this course. A background check can be obtained at the Troopers office at Boniface and Tudor for a $20 fee and takes a few minutes. 

  • - Good attitude
  • - Minimum 21 years of age
  • - Completed Application for Training and background (see above)
  • - 9mm or larger caliber semi auto handgun (no subcompact handguns)
  • - Strong-side, outside the pant good QUALITY hip holster, magazine pouch, and a minimum of 3 magazines (Double mag pouch preferred)
  • - Nominal 250 rounds of ammo
  • - Appropriate clothing (Ball cap, sturdy belt, pants with belt loops, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.)
  • - Safety glasses and hearing protection
  • - Joint protective gear can be provided by Alaska Tactical upon request (Knee pads)
  • - Brown bag lunch and water (sunscreen)
Ladies Only Advanced

Cost: $160     Course only 

      $250      Package (Course, plus handgun rental and ammunition)
Cost includes range fees


  • 2019

  • April 13 Intro Ladies Only
  • May 11 Intro Ladies Only
  • June 8 Intro Ladies Only
  • July 20 Intro Ladies Only
  • August 10 Intro Ladies Only
  • September 7 Intro Ladies Only
  • October 12 Intro Ladies Only
  • Application for training

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