Advanced Ladies Only Defensive Handgun


This 2 and 1/2 day advanced pistol course covers personal safety and environmental awareness specifically for women, as well as advanced marksmanship instruction. Through utilization of demonstration, lecture, range procedure, and simulation drills the participant is taught safe handling of a handgun in close distance situations, either on the street or for home-defense. The course will work with the participant to review and solidify the defensive mindset, in addition to taking them through drills which will incorporate movement, positional shooting, introduction to shooting from vehicle, all while communicating and verbalizing.


Students must have successfully completed the Defensive Handgun Course – Level I or Ladies Only and have either a valid Alaska Concealed Carry Permit, provide current military or law enforcement identification, or have obtained a State of Alaska background check prior to participating in this

  • -Good attitude
  • -Minimum 21 years of age
  • -Completed Application for Training
  • -9mm or larger caliber semi auto handgun
  • -Strong-side, outside the pant good QUALITY hip holster, magazine pouch, and a minimum of 4 magazines (Double mag pouch preferred)
  • -Nominal 800 rounds of ammo
  • -Appropriate clothing (Ball cap, BDU pants, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.)
  • -Safety glasses and hearing protection
  • -Joint protective gear can be provided by Alaska Tactical upon request (Knee pads)
  • -Brown bag lunch and water
Ladies Only Advanced

Cost: $475.00

Cost includes range fees


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