HOJUTSU - the martial art of shooting


For you martial art enthusiasts that understand the attributes of how focus, repetition, perfect technique and discipline contribute greatly to speed, accuracy and survival, Hojutsu gives us a platform to learn and improve all foundation techniques, starting with the pistol platform (the firerarm we are most likely to have on us always). Safety, manipulation of the weapon an marksmanship will improve greatly. As with many martial arts, there are speciifc requirements for each rank and tests to prove your knowledge and skill. This is not a fast food journey, but a home made meal that takes time to make. The more you practice, the better you'll be. We rent looking for short termer, but serious minded students that understand strong effort, respectful attitude, repetition of good technique and patience will result in quality and confidence when you need it the most.
No martial arts or firearms training is necessary as long as you have the right attitude, strong effort and an open mind. 
We only accept 15 students
The basic cirriculum and skill sets include the following:
- Safety
- Foundation skills with pistol (reloads, malfunctions, etc)
- Precision shooting
- Close Quarters shooting
- Trauma knowledge
- Movement
- Cover
- Defense against weapons 
- Traditional martial arts techniques and kata
- Hand to hand/ground with and without weapons

Dojo training is every Thursday 6:00 - 8:00PM
Range days are scheduled once a month during the summer

Dojo - $75 per month, paid quarterly ($225)
Range Days - $125 per day of training.

Annual Testing:
Soke Jeff Hall will test students for advancement of rank in August. 2.5 days of testing and training (dojo and Range)
More information is at www.hojutsu.com
Weekend training/test fee $375

  • -Good attitude
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age
  • -Completed Application
  • -Good quality pistol, minimum 3 magazines
  • -Good quality holster, double magazine pouch and belt
  • -Ammunition for range practice days 700 rounds
  • -Appropriate Range clothing (Ball cap, BDU pants, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.)
  • -Safety glasses, hearing protection and knee pads
  • -Gi (karate uniform for dojo practice) and white belt.
  • -Blue gun matching your pistol and dummy rounds
Select Fire Carbine

Cost includes range fees


  • 2019

  • June 30 Test practice / Precision
  • July 28 Test practice/ Off hand and support hand
  • August 11 Practice test
  • August 17-18 Soke Hall/train/test
  • September 7 Range drills
  • Application for training

Shop Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday Closed


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