Urban Precision Carbine


This (Application Level) 3 day carbine course will re-introduce the participant to the fundamentals of defense and marksmanship with a carbine, caliber 5.56 (.223 Remington) focusing on using a magnified optic or minimal powered scope. The participant will re-learn the following: safety, marksmanship; confirming zero of magnified optic (50 yard zero will be used); various standard and awkward positions; use of cover and concealment; and precision hits on targets from 5 to 500 yards. Instruction and preformance will also be provided on multiple threat and no-shoot situations.  At the completion of this course, you will have more confidence in your ability to achieve effective hits out to 500 yards. 


*Pre-requiste class.  This is not an introductory class.
Students must have full confidence in their ablility to safely handle, preform reloads and clear malfunctions on their carbine.   A very brief refresh will be given the first day of the class, but forewarning-you must be able to keep up with the pace of the class.  
Mental and phyiscal disclipline is a must. Hiking and movement will be involved.*

  • -Good attitude
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age
  • -Completed Application for Training
  • -Good quality urban rifle/carbine .223/5.56 with sling.
  • (Must be zeroed at 50 yards prior to class)
  • -A good quality magnified optic. (Minimal Powered scope or Reflex sight with Magnifier)
  • -Support side ammunition carrier, 6 or more carbine magazines
  • -1000 rounds rifle, minimum
  • -Appropriate clothing (Ball cap, BDU pants, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.)
  • -Safety glasses, hearing protection and knee pads (available upon request)
  • -Brown bag lunch and water
Select Fire Carbine

Cost: $625.00

Cost includes range fees


  • 2017

  • May 18 - 20 Urban Precision Carbine
  • September 7 - 9 Urban Precision Carbine
  • Application for training
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