Miscellaneous Classes

All classes listed below require the following in addition to specifics contained in the class descriptions:

  • - Good attitude
  • - Appropriate clothing for classroom training
  • - Completed Application for Training
  • - Safety glasses

Dry Fire Auto Pistol Training $25

This is approximately a 2 hour training course to review safety procedures, mindset, presentation of the handgun, reloading procedures, and malfunctions. Students must have successfully completed the Defensive Handgun Course – Level I or Ladies Only.

Required Equipment:

  • - Your 9mm or larger caliber semi auto handgun
  • - Strong-side, outside the pant good QUALITY hip holster
  • - Magazine pouch, and a minimum of 3 magazines (Double mag pouch preferred)
  • - Bring a minimum 12 – 15 dummy rounds
  • Feb 12, Nov 16

Auto Pistol Maintenance Course $35

This is approximately a 2 hour course to educate the participant on proper disassembly and reassembly, field stripping, cleaning procedures, proper lubrication/maintenance, and function test after reassembly of the firearm.


  • - Your 9mm or larger caliber semi auto handgun
  • - Participant must provide caliber of the handgun they will be bringing
  • - Note it on Application for Training
  • - Cleaning Equipment
  • Feb 23, Dec 3

Glock Only Maintenance Course $35

This is approximately a 2-hour class on the Glock pistol platform only. The instruction will cover the detail strip of the Glock pistol down to the bare frame. This will also educate you on how the Glock pistol actually functions. We will cover the complete disassembly and reassembly of the pistol. Also we will go through inspection points, lubrication points, evaluation and inspection of worn parts. A proper function test after the reassembly procedure will be performed as well. 

  • Mar 30, April 5, Oct 22

AR15 Maintenance Course $35

This is approximately a 2 hour course to educate the participant on proper disassembly and reassemblyof the AR15 rifle including the bot carrier group. You will learn the cleaning procedures, trouble shooting the AR15 rifle, inspection of parts and wear, function testing the hammer and trigger sear and a general overview of the operation of the rifle. 

  • Jan 22, Oct 15

Mini Armors Course AR15 (Lower Receiver/Part 1) $95

This is approximately a 3-hour course in the technical building of the complete lower receiver, you will understand the difference between Forged and Billet, you will learn about the proper tools and how to use them, and how to build the lower in sequential order. We will also discuss the difference in quality of components, the different triggers recommended; such as Mil-Spec versus drop in systems. You will walk away from this course with a much better understanding of how to construct a well built lower and the functioning procedures.


  • Mar 12, Nov 5

Mini Armors Course AR15 (Upper Reciever/Part 2) $95

This is approximately a 3-hour course in the technical building of the complete upper receiver. We will cover barrel and bolt carrier group selection, how to install all components correctly with the use of proper installation tools, what stretching the threads mean, and the proper use of Loctite, anti-seize. We will cover the torque specs and the different pressures at the gas transfer as well as barrel lenghts advantages and disadvantages. This is a concise class to give you piece of mind knowing your have built your receiver the proper way.

  • Mar 19, Nov 12 

Youth Class (Age Group 7-14) $10

This 1 hour class will expose the kids to all of the safety rules and they are expected to recite them for homework. What to do in a situation if they see a firearm and there are no adults near, proper handling of a firearm with parents permission.

  • Feb 26, Oct 8



  • 2019

  • Jan 22 AR15 Maintenance
  • Feb 12 Dryfire Auto Pistol
  • Feb 22 Auto Pistol Maintenance
  • Feb 26 Youth Safety
  • Mar 12 AR15 Mini Armorer Pt 1
  • Mar 19 AR15 Mini Armorer Pt 2
  • Mar 30 Glock Only Maintenance
  • April 5 Glock Only Maintenance
  • Oct 8 Youth Safety
  • Oct 15 AR15 Maintenance
  • Oct 22 Glock Only Maintenance
  • Nov 5 AR15 Mini Armorer Pt 1
  • Nov 12 AR15 Mini Armorer Pt 2
  • Nov 16 Dryfire Auto Pistol
  • Dec 3 Auto pistol Maintenance

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