Ladies Only Defensive Handgun


This 2 day (16 hours) introductory course covers personal safety and environmental awareness for women, as well as basic marksmanship instruction. It will teach the Modern Technique of Pistol Craft, firearms safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, mental mindset, and proper gunhandling skills. It will also teach the participants how to fit and choose the correct handgun, ammunition, holster and equipment.

The first day will consist of a 4 hour lecture in the morning, lunch, and the remainder of the day at the range. There will be 8 hours of range time the following day.


  • -Good attitude.
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • -Completed Application for Training.
  • -Minimum Caliber for OUR classes- 9MM semi-auto or .38 special revolver.
  • -Full size revolver or semi-automatic handgun* (NO sub-compact handguns)
  • -Hip holster/ammo pouch/2 speed loaders(revolver) or 3 magazines(semi-auto)
  • -Nominal 350 rounds of ammo
  • -Appropriate clothing (Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.)
  • -Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.
  • -Safety glasses & hearing protection.**
  • * Handgun rentals available.
  • -Handgun rental fee is $30.00 a day
    -Must use Alaska Tactical ammunition if renting a firearm
    -Cost of ammunition is not included in handgun rental fee
Ladies Only

Cost: $375.00

Cost includes range fees


  • 2017

  • Apr 29-30
  • May 6-7 (Carbine)
  • May 13-14
  • June 3-4
  • July 8-9
  • Aug 12-13
  • Aug 19-20 (CCW)
  • Sept 2-3
  • Oct 7-8
  • Application for training

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