Emergency Preparedness


Are you Prepared for any emergency? Natural or Man-made? What is your plan? Bug out bag? Rally point? Mindset?...This is an 8 hour Emergency Preparedness Seminar. The seminar will bring to light the need to be prepared for any emergency situation. It will cover historical and present emergencies, what we have learned from them. Also, the basics to starting a plan and preparing yourself and love ones on what to do for an emergency situation. And the items and options to starting a bug out bag and much, much more.

Ladies and gentleman this class truly is a mental conditioning class to prepare yourself, loved ones, house, vehicle, work and travels for an emergency situation. LOOK around! Are you prepared? Earthquake, tsunami, power blackout, active shooter, civil unrest and list goes on. It's time to be proactive, NOT reactive!!!

City on fire.

Cost: $100


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