Edged Weapons Training


This is approximately an 8 hour “no-nonsense” course on the eye opening realities of a knife fight. Effectiveness, strategy, foundation (grip and stance), footwork and movement are covered through drills.  Discover the best knives to carry, where to carry them and how to deploy them quickly.  You will have an understanding of what to do and what not to do in an engagement. You will learn about managing distance in your favor as well as several scenarios that may occur. Techniques are simple and efficient. This is a physically active course and there will be plenty of breaks.


  • -Good attitude 
  • -Completed application for training
  • -Participant must be in a physical condition to allow them to take part in all drills and scenarios
  • -Comfortable clothing and tennis shoes
  • -No jewelry
  • -Lunch not provided. (An hour for lunch)
Edged Weapons Training

Cost: $155.00


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