Low light Defensive Handgun Level 2


This is a full 3 1/2 day (28 hours) intermediate pistol course that progresses from the Defensive Handgun Level 1. If the participant has had formal training on the Modern Technique of Pistol in the past, this course will help refresh their skills. In addition, a complete curriculum of movement is added to the fundamental of individual gun handling techniques and tactics. Injury drills will included, shooting unsupported from strong and weak side. Awkward shooting positions will be covered, with engaging from cover. Also, lowlight principles (using a flashlight) will be covered the Satuday evening of the class. The course will review safety rules, mindset, basic drills and positions.


Students must have successfully completed the Defensive Handgun Level 1 and have either a valid Alaska Concealed Carry Permit, provide current military or law enforcement identification, or have obtained a State of Alaska background check prior to participating in this training.

  • -Good attitude.
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • -Completed Application for Training.
  • -Your carry handgun, hip-holster, magazine pouch, magazines and belt*
  • -Tactical Flashlight- on and/or off the weapon
  • -Nominal 1300 rounds of ammo
  • -Appropriate clothing for weather - Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.
Defensive handgun Level 2

Cost: $625.00

Cost includes range fees


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