Close Quarter Tactics


This 2 day pistol course that progresses from the Application Level. The course will review safety rules, mindset, basic drills and positions. In addition, a complete curriculum of movement is added and there will be instruction in the following: retention shooting, shooting off the X, ground tactics, and vehicle operations (i.e. shooting from, in and around vehicles). The student must be prepared for a significant amount of physical activity and in a condition that allows them to participate in all drills from all positions.   


Must have taken an APPLICATION class from Alaska Tactical to enroll or have been approved by an Alaska Tactical instructor-
  • -Good attitude.
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • -Completed Application for Training.
  • -900 pistol rounds 
  • -Pistol holster must be outside the waistband-hip holster
Close Quarter Tactics

Cost: $250.00 for one day/ $400.00 for both days

Cost includes range fees


  • 2018

  • July 28- 29 Close Quarter Tactics 

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