Armed Angelines


This ladies only class will introduce information on the full realm of available defensive weapons (tazers, batons, knives, sprays, firearms, hand to hand, ground defense), and common sense awareness methods geared towards not being a victim. Additionally, we will provide the current crime environment, as well as hands on introduction of hand to hand techniques, chokes, ground, knives, pens, and handgun dry fire. Lastly, you will be introduced to immediate and effective active threat strategies that fit your environment. You will be well informed on the available options, to create your own best protective methods.

Portions of this class will be hands on and active, but not required to participate if physically unable.


  • 7 hours duration
  • Bring snacks and drinks
  • Wear comfortable clothing and exercise shoes
  • 16 years or older
Ladies Only

Cost: $75.00


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