Intermediate/Advanced - Skill Specific Training

The journey continues...........

Just like the title, the student applies the skills learn previously, if not already, to their lifestyle. This class is for the student with a strong foundation and proficient performance of intermediate skills. Combining both the foundation and skill builder classes and adding stress from the timer and cardio vascular shooting drills, the student will find their limits and the importance to continue to find their limits. Then push those limits of speed, accuracy and mindset! Safety is paramount and strictly adhered too.

  • Safely manipulate the weapon system or systems
  • Basic fundamentals will be challenged
  • Accuracy under the timer
  • Accuracy with cardio
  • Accuracy at distance
  • Drills, drills and more drills with speed and accurate hits

The 8 hour class will start at the range at 0900 and finish at 1700 for both Saturday and Sunday. Two weapon platforms will be taught in the application classes. The handgun classes will be just the handgun, while the carbine class will also require a handgun to be carried during the class.


The application classes are closed enrollment classes. The student will need to have taken the foundation, skill builder classes and been approved by an Alaska Tactical instructor to take an application class. Students seeking to gain approval to take the application class with certifications from other reputable training schools, law enforcement or military training will be judged on a case by case scenario from an Alaska Tactical instructor. Be prepared to perform. It’s an advanced class, the student needs to be at an advanced level.

Defensive handgun Level 2

Cost: $ 225.00

Cost includes range fees


  • 2019

  • May 12 Advanced Pistol/Concealment Tactics
  • May 25 Advanced Pistol/Precision
  • June 29 Advanced Pistol/Close Quarters 
  • July 27 Avanced Pistol/Team Tactics
  • August 10 Advanced Carbine/Combatives
  • September 21 Advanced Pistol/Vehicle
  • September 22 Advanced Carbine/Urban Precision 
  • Application for training

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